I’m addressing this letter to all who come to this blog of mine. Jontruism Film Reviews is my new blog which will be dedicated to film reviews and other topics concerning cinema and television. I have wanted to have a film blog for quite some time but for various reasons I have stopped myself. However, with 2013 rapidly approaching I have decided to commit to a New Year’s Resolution of writing 2000 words every day. Whether this is for essays or other papers for school or through this blog, 2000 words every day is the goal. So a few times a week I hope to have new reviews up on this blog with at least two non-review articles each month. The only exception that could interrupt the resolution would be if I get a summer job at a camp. In this case I would take a two month hiatus while still trying to write as much in journals as possible.

Now for a bit about me: My name is Jon and the name of the blog came from my good friend Connor when discussing names for my youtube channel. If you go to you will find some political rants, some film reviews, and some miscellaneous videos. I’m a film studies student at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario. One thing that defined 2012 for me was film and television, so much so that I began keeping a list of every film I had ever seen. I used a rating system I had found on another blog, ( and went through hundreds of lists of films and around May I finished the first list that I could call comprehensive. I had 888 then and I’m up to 1045 now. I also ranked the top 100 of them so that I could have my first detailed top 100 films list.

I could estimate that I’ve watched 600 (many multiple times) movies this year along with near 1000 episodes of different television shows. This year has been one of near saturation for me. I have spent so much of my time looking at various screens watching things that I realized that I should take a step aside and start writing more. Part of that will be doing a review for each movie that I watch, along with a (probably) yearlong series of reviews covering my top 100 films. I also want to spend some part of the 8 months in school (January-April and September-December) while I’m in specific film classes to talk about concepts and ideas about film analysis and creation, along with the political and philosophical issues on display in some of these films.

This will be a fun year, and hopefully this is a blog I can keep for long after that.


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