Top 100 films, An Introduction

As I mentioned in my introduction post, I have a list of a thousand some odd movies all sorted and rated in an excel file. They are sorted by name, director, year, genre (although I haven’t completed that section yet), and two different ratings categories. To each movie, I give a star rating out of four which then directly corresponds to a rating out of 100 (technically 99 because I don’t believe in the idea of a perfect film).  To quote and his best directors introduction post,

I apply a number from 0 to 99 to every film I watch (no film gets 100, because I don’t believe in the idea of a completely perfect film).  That works out really well for a **** system.  Each 1/2 covers 12 points and each full star covers 13.  So 0 is 0, 1-12 (.5), 13-25 (*), 26-37 (*.5), 38-50 (**), 51-62 (**.5), 63-75 (***), 76-87 (***.5), 88-99 (****).  When I use the term “very good” I am talking about a ***.5 film.  A “great” film is a **** film.” (

This was the idea that started my desire to create my own list. Aside from wanting to document my history and future of film watching, I wanted a way to organize my favourite films in an almost pathological way. I wanted a system where I wouldn’t be as prone to the genre bias I find in most awards shows and critical perspectives. With this system, I finally had a method to the madness of film.

So I then embarked on a search through the annals of Wikipedia and their fairly detailed “Year in Film” pages. They alphabetically list the films released in a given year, so I would read through them and find which films I had seen. Then I would compile and organize all the movies into the excel file, and once I made my way through all of the lists, I decided to take the top 100 and organize them more specifically in a separate excel page. Since that list was formed 7 months ago, much of it has changed including a coup involving what had been my two favourite films for years.

I have decided that as a part of this blog, I want to explore what makes these movies hold such high esteem with me, and examine how many of them are objectively great vs. how many of them hold a special place in my nostalgic heart. I won’t try to deny that my top fifteen looks incredibly different from most, and it contains films that were never nominated for anything big. However it’s important to remember that, for me, the rewatch-ability and the personal connection that I make to a film are just as important as the writing, acting, editing, cinematography, and direction.

So I will start next week with a small list of the almost-made-its. Then I will go to the number 100 film on my list, Highlander. Within that review I will introduce my new way of trying to make my reviews slightly more objective. My goal is to do two of these reviews a week, along with a review of a new movie that I’ve seen that week, or just a movie I had seen recently. Since I hope that I will see many of this year’s Oscar contenders in the next few weeks, I imagine that they will be taking precedence over any new films I see on DVD.


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