Top Five Christmas Films

Hello folks, this will be a shorter post since it is Christmas after all. However I felt that I needed to post something Christmas-y. So here are my top five Christmas Films.

First, to define Christmas films; it has to be either a film that takes place at Christmas (with at least one holiday joke) or a truly Christmas themed movie that has a lot of holiday clout. So, while Die Hard qualifies for this, Lethal Weapon does not. Anyway, onto the list.

#5 – Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

The old Claymation film filled with corny dialogue and a willfully ignorant dictatorial Santa. Watching it as a kid, I loved it because it’s a kid’s movie. Now, I love it because of all the terrible things it says about the world while also doing some awesome stereotype breaking action. When Rudolph’s dad goes off to find Rudolph and his mother wants to come and search as well, Donner is all, “No, this is man’s work” (a direct quote) but Rudolph’s mom and girlfriend say F*** that and go out searching anyway. Yes they end up getting captured and need Rudolph to save them, but still. I watch this every year, and I love it in all of its terrible claymated glory.

#4 – Home Alone

This is a film that really should be watched as a child first so that you can get past the ridiculousness of the plot. If you can get past how unbelievable the plot is, this is a fun time for the holidays. That’s all.

#3 – The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (animated)

I grew up reading this book and watching this movie and the Who’s song is one that I just hum to myself randomly. It’s so catchy and so true to Dr. Seuss’s book that you can’t help but feel it tug at your heart strings.

#2 – Die Hard

This is a Christmas movie. I don’t care what my dad says or what any of you haters think. It is a Christmas movie and I love it. The holiday jokes are great and the rest of the movie…. Well its just too good for words (and I have to get going).

#1 – The Santa Clause

Tim Allen as Santa Claus is one of his best roles (just below Buzz Lightyear). All of the prosthetics and make up he had to wear for this movie is reason enough to give him props, but this film gets the holiday spirit perfectly. It’s all about love and trust and responsibility to your community. It’s beautiful.


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