Hi. I saw your review of the 3 homophobic movies. You do know that Pitch Perfect is a feminist movie. It’s all about NOT judging each other. It shows how society really is and how, if we’ll never get past it unless we face it head on. I think you need to re watch it. You see things you didn’t notice the first time. (Also, Ted is just a really long episode of Family Guy [which is all gay jokes] and 21 Jump Street wasn’t even that bad.)

Thanks for reading! Pitch Perfect may be a very female friendly film for white females, but it fails in the specific way that I mentioned with the character of Cynthia Rose. Not only is she a token PoC and a token lesbian character, but in a number of scenes Rebel Wilson makes jokes at the expense of her sexuality, and in other scenes Cynthia is seen to be groping another member of the Bellas, a tired trope that all gay people are sexual deviants who will do anything for a feel. To quote a number of famous feminists, “My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit.” The film fails in diversity and in representation of LGBT characters.

Secondly I didn’t criticize 21 Jump Street as much as the other two because it wasn’t as bad. But it did rely on emasculation for insults which is a tired misogynistic writing trope, and shows that while the film may have been “gay friendly,” the underlying feeling that causes much high school homophobia is still alive and well. As for Ted, I disagree that it was just a long episode of Family Guy, but then again I like some aspects of Family Guy despite the occasional gay joke (which are not nearly as rampant as you imply they are).

The last thing I’ll say is that I gave all of the films decent reviews on the whole. 2.5-3 stars is an indication of a decent or good film from me. That review was specifically focusing on the problematic elements of those films and thus feels more negative than I felt of the films as a whole.

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