So, that was an exciting morning! Nine Best Picture Nominees! A lot of my favourite roles got nominated. So lets go through the motions shall we?

Best Picture -Seen 5/9

The only films that are surprisingly/unfortunately missing from this list are The Master (Considering its three acting nods I am kind of shocked) and Moonrise Kingdom (which has been horribly overlooked this year).

Best Director – Seen 3/5

It’s a very surprising list because:O. Russell, Zeitlin, and Haneke got nods here even thought they were up against Hooper, Tarantino, Affleck, and Bigelow. 

Best Actress – Seen 1/5

The only problem I have with this list is The Impossible but that’s not even a performance gripe, its an “HOLLYWOOD WHY YOU SO RACIST” gripe. It’s interesting that we have the oldest and the youngest nominated performances here with Riva and Wallis!

Best Actor -Seen 2/5

I am glad that Phoenix got a nod here despite his anti awards show rhetoric a few months ago. This is a good list even though I haven’t seen all the performances. Missing are Richard Gere for Arbitrage and John Hawkes for the Sessions but this was a really strong year all around.

Best Supporting Actor

I’m glad that Waltz got in on this list but sad that Arkin is here as well. I knew it was coming, but the list of alternates is too good to not gripe about ( McConaughey, Bardem, Jackson, and Fassbender for Prometheus)

Best Supporting Actress – Seen 2/5

Holy Jacki Weaver Batman! Silver Lining Playbook completes the performance rounds with all four Acting Nods, FROM A COMEDY. That’s unheard of! Although only one is likely to win (Lawrence) I’m very happy. Back to this list, Nicole Kidman, Maggie Smith, Samantha Barks, and Anne Dowd got the snub (not entirely surprisingly).

Best Original Screenplay – Seen 2/5

I’m ecstatic that Moonrise got its due here. The others aren’t too surprising although I’m sure the fans of The Master and Looper are a bit sad about not showing up.

Best Adapted Screenplay -3/5

Nothing surprising here.

Most interesting aspect of the Oscars this year – Silver Linings Playbook gets not only all four acting nominations (first to do so since Reds in 1981) but also is the only film of this year to get nominated for “The Big Five” (Picture, Director, Actress, Actor, Screenplay) and the first to do so since Million Dollar Baby in 2004! Its the first comedy to do so since Annie Hall in 1977!

I can’t wait for February 24th.


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