My Doctor Who Story

In 2005 I was with a friend of mine when his mother recommended that I watch this show called Doctor Who. While I can’t recall if it was on BBC or CBC at the time, I do remember that initial moment in The End of the World seeing Chris Eccleston and Billie Piper on a space station with some crazy looking aliens. Now at the time of the premiered revival series, I was eleven years old so much of the detail that the show is known for was lost on me. However I watched every episode (minus the premier episode, Rose) of that initial series and I totally fell in love with the Doctor. Alas, in The Parting of Ways when Nine regenerated into Ten, I was not kind to the new Doctor. I stopped watching and pretty much ignored Doctor Who for seven years.

In 2012 thanks to a number of my friends being slightly obsessed with the series (and in love with either Tennant or Smith), I decided to re-watch Eccleston and start Tennant. As I expected I would, I loved the first series as much/more than I did when I was a kid. Then I started Tennant again and…. After a few episodes I gave up. Eccleston was dark and brooding and Tennant (from the first few episodes) was bubbly and jocular and absolutely not what I wanted to see in a Doctor.  Then just a few weeks ago my school’s Sci-Fi Fantasy club put on a marathon and I got to watch the Series 3 episode Blink  and my obsession was sparked. Since then I’ve started a real run of the revival series, watched the TV Movie for the Eighth Doctor, and now I’m searching to get my hands on at least one serial from each of the first seven Doctors. As I get through each series/serial I will try and post a review with a best/worst episode as well as a small post about each of the Doctors and possibly the main companions as well. There’s a hell of a lot of mythology to sort through with this show, but the majority of it is great great watching so I think I’m going to enjoy myself.


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