A Side Note on my Lack of Activity

Personally, I just haven’t been going out to see as many films lately (can you blame me?) and I have also been watching a LOT of television. Not out of laziness, but because I feel like I’m not educated enough in sci-fi to be confident in the role I have on my university’s Sci-Fi/Fantasy Club’s executive. So I have been marathoning Doctor Who and Star Trek: The Next Generation. And as May as already started I feel like I’m already behind in my scheduled watching and therefore have just kept watching rather than writing reviews of any sort. So, to make up for that and to try and blog here more, I will be doing some shorter commentaries or editorials in tandem with reblogging to keep myself fresh. I have a lot of free time on my hands and am getting sick with television marathons so expect more from me soon.

Also: From now on I will be posting reviews of the top 100 in whatever order I re-watch them in.

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