The Disney Animated Canon Part 2

For the other parts of this series, here are the links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Full Ranking.

The Good Films

#42 – The Rescuers Down Under – 1990

A good and enjoyable film although definitely a sequel that doesn’t live up to the original. The real problem is that the original had a great 70’s feeling and went to some really dark places with its story while this is fluffy at best.


#41 – The Three Caballeros – 1944

This could easily be seen as a continuation of Saludos Amigos and is overall a far better film. It’s still a propaganda film trying to sell tourism for Latin America by showing the quirky and loveable Latin people. But the three birds (Donald, Jose, and Panchito) give a lot of great laughs to this wholly enjoyable film.


#40 – Robin Hood – 1973

This is a film that’s often forgotten about in the history of Disney films and to be honest I’m not surprised. It doesn’t hold up to either of its contemporaries (The Rescuers or The Sword in the Stone) and while it definitely gets some laughs (and has one great song in Love), I wish that it was more special.


#39 – Peter Pan – 1953

If only they could have had not made a chunk of the film either racist or sexist I might be able to like it more. The film does have a lot of heart and it’s no understatement that Captain Hook is one of the best villains in Disney history.


#38 – Pinocchio – 1940

The early part of the movie tries really hard to show off the intricacies of the animators but the story, while certainly interesting, isn’t nearly as entertaining or as captivating as it could be. Its really a product of its time.


#37 – Fun and Fancy Free – 1947

This package film got it right. They had two strong stories (Bongo, which on its own better than Dumbo as a circus film, and Mickey and the Beanstalk) both with good animation and fun music. I’m not a huge fan of the package films either way, but this is definitely one of the strongest.


#36 – Winnie the Pooh – 2011

This was one of the four films I hadn’t seen before I did the marathon and the biggest problem here is that I am totally biased. I grew up with The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh and unfortunately this just doesn’t compare. It’s all so different, and I hate that that diminishes my opinion of it, but nevertheless it does. Still a good and fun film though.


#35 – The Princess and the Frog – 2009

When I first saw this film, I hated it. I hated the music, I found the characters to be contrived, and the animation just didn’t hold up to the renaissance films it was trying to harken back to. After watching it again I’ve done a total reevaluation. I love Tiana as a character and I do like the villain, but I still don’t like the music. I can’t remember a single song and I only just watched the film. And that does knock it down a peg.


#34 – The Great Mouse Detective – 1986

The problem with this film is that Sherlock Holmes stories have been done so frequently and so much better. This is good no doubt, and it’s certainly a fun film, but it left me wanting to go watch either of the current Sherlock television shows or the Robert Downey Jr. films.


#33 – Fantasia 2000 – 1999

Every individual segment of this film is good, but it loses what made the original a classic which was how cohesive the film was. These don’t flow together well whereas the original was a complete and cinematic experience. 


A few days from now part three will be up. Stay tuned. 

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