The Disney Animated Canon Part 3

For the other parts of this series, here are the links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Full Ranking.

#32 – The Emporer’s New Groove – 2000

Here is another place where Nighhawknews and I agree completely. If this film had been made about Kronk in its entirety, it would have been great. Patrick Warburton’s voice acting is priceless and he makes the film good. I just wish that the rest cold have been better (I hate David Spade).


#31 – Meet the Robinsons – 2007

I hadn’t seen this when it originally came out and I’m pretty sorry that I didn’t. This film has a lot of heart and the twist ending, while predictable is actually very touching. It also has a lot of laughs which definitely brought it to a level I wasn’t expecting when I sat down to watch it.


The Very Good Films

#30  – Tarzan – 1999

WHY COULDN’T JANE HAVE LEFT AT THE END OF THIS MOVIE! This film could have been great but they unnecessarily Disney-fied it and I really hate that. I understand doing it like they did in Hunchback because suicide is really not kid friendly. But her leaving isn’t that. She could have left and the bittersweet ending would have made it a truly great film. But here it rests on its music and characters to land as a 3.5 star film.


#29 – The Black Cauldron – 1985

The animation in this film is some of the best Disney ever had, unfortunately the story and the characters don’t live up to that standard and it falls a few steps down. Luckily there are some really touching moments in the film that keep it from falling lower. An imperfect film but still very good.


#28 – Melody Time – 1948

This was the package film I remember best from growing up and t definitely stands the test of time. With The Legend of Johnny Appleseed, Little Toot, and  Pecos Bill,  Melody Time has all it needs to satisfy a young audience. It is the best of the package films.


#27 – One Hundred and One Dalmatians – 1961

I loved this film when I was younger. But today I feel like its strongest elements (the songs) are left behind for some action that doesn’t do much for me. In comparison to the Aristocats, it just doesn’t hold up.


#26 – The Little Mermaid – 1989

MORE! When I watched this I was very excited because this used to be in my top 10 Disney films. I just wish they had made it a little longer, given it a little more meat. I just wanted something more when it was over, so while it is a very good film, it can’t stand against the films that came later like Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin.


#25 – The Rescuers – 1977

The first hour gets the mix of dramatic film with bits of comedy perfect. But there is a Beverley Hillbillies meets the Stooges scene towards the end that ruins the great tone the rest of the film set. The 70s feeling is very very appreciated.


#24 – The Aristocats – 1970

I can remember every song and I can’t help but sing along when I’m watching this. Also, the supporting characters of the army dogs are just hysterical. No complaints really, this is just a point in the list where the difference between films is so minute that although this seems like a low placement, its really not.


#23 – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – 1938

The music and the queen are what make this film. It has incredible re-watch value thanks to those two elements (particularly the song Heigh-Ho). Unfortunately it is very obvious that this was made in 1938 and the film doesn’t age as well as I might have liked. 


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