Pixar: A Complete Ranking Part 1

As I did with the Disney Films, so I am doing with the Pixar. Unfortunately it looks like I wont be able to see Monsters University before I leave so that will be added into the rankings after the summer. As before, I’ll be going from worst to best. 

The Mediocre

#13 – Cars 2 – 2011 

This film makes me sad more than anything. This was the first film from Pixar that was truly truly bad. I know I’ve put it on the mediocre category, but for Pixar, anything that’s not good is just bad. They have one hell of a standard to live up to and anything that doesn’t meet the standard (this tacky clichéd piece of crap) is just not worth watching.


The Good

#12 – Cars – 2006

Yepp, Cars and Cars 2 are definitely the worst films in the Pixar Canon. Cars is significantly better than its sequel, but it still is a huge step down from the rest that Pixar has to offer. Owen Wilson’s Lightning McQueen plays the same stock character he’s played for the past decade (charming idiot asshole with a superiority complex) and that is (to be perfectly honest) below Pixar.


#11 – Finding Nemo – 2003

I don’t understand the infatuation everyone has with this film. AFI ranked it as the 10th best animated film of all time, second only to Toy Story as a Pixar film. It’s oft quoted and apparently when they announced the sequel the internet when up in joy. For me, it seems forced. Minus the sharks, the film doesn’t get many laughs from me and I don’t find the story al that touching. Ellen Degeneres’s gimmick doesn’t do anything for me and Albert Brooks voicing also falls pretty flat.


The Very Good

#10 – Brave – 2013

I am not bashing Brave by putting it here. I’m glad Pixar finally had a female protagonist and I love Merida as a character. But did they have to give her such a crappy rehash of a story? Does no one feel this is just a slightly better retelling of Brother Bear? As with most of the critical consensus, I think something was missing in Brave and that it doesn’t live up to the potential of its characters or the legacy of its franchise.


The Classics

#9 – A Bug’s Life – 1998

Kevin Spacey’s Hopper is what makes this movie great. He has a speech late in the film where he explains the role of a dictator. It’s scary and awesome and Spacey’s voice acting gives it the umph to make it truly affecting.


#8 – Monsters Inc.- 2001

John Goodman and Billy Crystal are a fantastic pair of voice workers. They give Sully and Mike a great chemistry that really makes this movie what it is. A buddy film. The most incredible aspect of this film is that they are able to take this buddy context and give it real heart through the young girl. She is that slightly annoying but in the end endearing child that we’ve all come across. They start by grating on us but then they grow on us and just like the movie we really start to care. 



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