The Rocky Films from a Film History Perspective

Rocky – Underdog trains hard and loses because the system is against him 
Rocky 2 – Underdog wins because dreams really do come true 
Rocky 3 – Even the mighty can fall, but only the truly passionate (and white) can claim true greatness (with a hard rock soundtrack)
Rocky 4 – Fuck the Russians (with synthesizers) 
Rocky 5 – Baby Boomers are still great, trust us 
Rocky Balboa – The Baby Boom is STILL THE BEST

The reasons why from a film history perspective

1 – pre star wars, pre blockbuster era, and therefore the protagonist has to lose because the Hollywood Renaissance was a bunch of films about losers
2 – after star wars, the protagonist can win now
3 – SEQUELS ARE ALLOWED AGAIN (with a hard rock soundtrack)
4 – Fuck the Russians (with Synthesizers) 
5 – New generation of action stars? I don’t think so 
6 – Geriatric film making becomes a thing


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