Links Ahoy – End of the Year

I’m actually going to give some links that are just links to other links [LINKCEPTION(I’m so, so sorry for that] but Nathaniel R over at thefilmexperience has a great list of things to look at for this week especially if you are interested in The Wolf of Wall Street.

My favourite individual post from within that is this video which will give you a whole new look at Its A Wonderful Life.

Here is a close reading of The Wolf of Wall Street that I found particularly poignant.

Also, Sound on Sight released the staff’s top 30 list and as far as I’m concerned its one of the best on the internet just in terms of sheer diversity. 40 people contributed to this and over 160 films got placement in individual’s top 15s. While I disagree with a few oversights, I still standby the list as a contributor to it. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3.

On the feminist side of things here is a post about cultural appropriation that describes the conflict between cultural exchange and cultural appropriation.

Here are two articles from The Atlantic about Paternity Leave – This one from Liza Mundy describes the case for it and this one from Ta-Nehisi Coates describes the problematic discourse around the issue. (Ta-Nahisi Coates is probably my favourite author on The Atlantic and has written a tonne of great stuff). 

And here is an article about challenging racism while acknowledging privilege.

One that a friend of mine posted from Slate about gender in children’s stories is interesting and to be frank something that is very topical when talking about not only women in film, but people of colour as well. 

And finally here is an explanation of Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who that explains my problems with the last two series. 


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