Well world, it looks like we are really doing this. After what seems like an eternity on Tumblr (with this blog its been about 18 months but I’ve been using the site for about 5 years now) I’m moving my actual blogging – you know, the kind where I write about things – over to WordPress. In terms of pure publishing power it is definitely the better site and it also has a great app which will allow me to publish more liberally away from my computer. The tumblrblog will likely still be active every once in a while doing what tumblr does best, reblogging random images and posts about movies. But in terms of actually writing content, it’s all coming this way baby.

And to celebrate this new move I have a project for the month of June. As those of you who have been following me for a while will know, last year I did the ultimate Disney Binge. I caught bronchitis towards the end of Man and then decided that I would watch all of the Disney films. I did that in eight days. I’m not going to do that to myself again. Rather, I decided I would watch only one film each day of June and then set some rules to guide me.

  1. No two films from the same director.
  2. No two films from the same year.
  3. 2/3 of the films must be ones I have not seen.
  4. They must be films I could define as beautiful

Below is the list of films I will be watching and as you are likely to see, there are 12 films that are bolded. Those are the films I have seen before. Yes, I’m breaking a rule before I start. The reasoning was that two films among the twelve (Barry Lyndon and Vive L’Amour) are films that I have not seen in an extensive period of time. I remember them being beautiful though and am very interested in revisiting them: so I made two exceptions.

And because I’m so meta its almost a problem, I’ve decided to model my watching schedule after Christopher Nolan’s Memento. The films that I have seen before I will be watching in reverse order from most recent to least recent (beginning and ending with a previously seen film) and films I have not seen before I will be watching chronologically. This is primarily done to give me a mix between older and newer films through the entire month but also because Memento rules.


June 1 – 2013 – Her dir. Spike Jonze

June 2 – 1966 – Blow-Up – dir. Michelangelo Antonioni

June 3 – 2011 – Shame dir. Steve McQueen

June 4 – 1974 – The Phantom of Liberty dir. Luis Bunuel

June 5 – 1981 – Blow Out – dir. Brian De Palma

June 6 – 2004 – Sideways – dir. Alexander Payne

June 7 – 1984 – Once Upon a Time in America dir. Sergio Leone


June 8 – 2001 – Mulholland Drive dir. David Lynch

June 9 – 1985 – Ran dir. Akira Kurosawa

June 10 – 1999 – Magnolia dir. Paul Thomas Anderson

June 11 – 1986 – Mona Lisa dir. Neil Jordan

June 12 – 1994 – Vive L’Amour dir. Tsai Ming-Liang

June 13 – 1997 – Happy Together dir. Wong Kar Wai

June 14 – 1998 – The Idiots dir. Lars Von Trier

June 15 – 1993 – The Piano dir. Jane Campion

June 16 – 2000 – Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon dir. Ang Lee


June 17 – 2002 – Atanarjuat dir. Zacharias Kunuk

June 18 – 1989 – Do the Right Thing dir. Spike Lee

June 19 – 2003 – Oldboy dir. Park Chan Wook

June 20 – 2005 – Broken Flowers dir. Jim Jarmusch

June 21 – 1975 – Barry Lyndon dir. Stanley Kubrick

June 22 – 2006 – Pan’s Labyrinth dir. Guillermo Del Toro

June 23 – 2007 – Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead dir. Sidney Lumet

before the devil

June 24 – 1972 – The Godfather dir. Francis Ford Coppola

June 25 – 2008 – Synecdoche New York dir. Charlie Kaufmann

June 26 – 2009 – Enter the Void dir. Gaspar Noe

June 27 – 1965 – Le Bonheur dir. Agnes Varda

June 28 – 2010 – Winter’s Bone dir. Debra Granik

June 29 – 2012 – Chronicle dir. Josh Trank

June 30 – 1942 – Casablanca dir. Michael Curtiz

So there we are. The June movie project. Until that point there will probably be some other things I’ll be writing. In the lead up to X-Men Days of Future Past I’ve been watching the other X-Men films and I might write something about the parallel to the Queer community in those films since even after only 20 minutes it’s blaringly obvious that they are trying for that analogy. Otherwise, I’m off for tonight.

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