Best Shots – X-Men (2000)

I believe it was while I was watching Michael Mann’s Manhunter that I first developed the desire to screencapture during films. I had loved the art of cinematography since starting in film school and this got me to really focus on the films I was watching from a visual perspective. And because of this, for most films I try and take a few (or a lot) of screencaptures while watching them.

So as a series of blogs I plan on doing around here, after each film I watch with this process in mind I will post between seven and twenty screencaps that I deem the best from the chosen film. This was definitely inspired by the Hit Me With Your Best Shot series from TheFilmExperience, but as I’ve been taught time and time again good artists borrow, great ones steal. (Afterthought: When I went to go get the link for TFEs Best Shot series I found that coincidentally enough X-Men was their first film as well. Funny how things turn out eh?)

And for the first instalment of our Best Shots series here, we will be going with Bryan Singer’s X-Men. Its not a terribly great film I will admit. The action sequences in particular are kinetically if inelegantly done. It made me a little sad how little imagination there was considering that Newton Thomas Siegl later did the cinematography for Drive; an elegantly shot film.

If there is one thing I love about the cinematography in this film it would be the more sparcely composed shots. Wolverine lying in the snow, when he’s confused after waking up, Cyclops’ power shots. They are almost literally read from left to right given where the elements draw your attention.

The next in this series will likely be X2 since I’ve started it anyways. There will also be one for every film in my June Film Series.


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