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So its been over a month since a post has come up here. Work commitments killed the June Movie Project (kind of, if you see my letterbox diary I MORE than made up for the lack of posts through the number of films I watched) and I’ve been catching up on a lot of television that I missed this year and last (Masters of Sex, The Americans, Fargo, Orange is the New Black, and rewatching the good seasons of 24 [1-5]). I also wrote a few posts for Sound on Sight which you should check out (here, here, and here). Right now I’m working on adapting my Sideways review into a video review to flex my Adobe Premier skills, but until that is ready, I want to get back into writing here.

However I want to introduce a new type of post here where I live blog a film. It has to be a classic film that I just haven’t gotten around to watching and the live blogging will not be done though twitter, only in the article here. Obviously this will be a work in progress but I hope you enjoy it.

Tonight’s feature: Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I’m a big fan of horror films and have always admired the classics of the slasher genre, but this is one that has totally escaped me. So here we go.

00:33 – Ooh pre-roll text outlining the true story-ness of the film
01:30 – Interesting, the flash of a camera used to illuminate the horrific imagery of deformed bodies
02:54 – O.o well that’s one hell of a monument…
03:30 – Credit roll is really eerie,  images that are really hard to identify but when paired with the radio report in the background become pretty scary
05:30 – So glad I’m watching the bluray.  My god the clarity of picture for a film from 1974 is pretty remarkable.
07:20 – That van could double for the Mystery Machine with a small paint job… I’m going to regret that thought aren’t I.
08:20 – The old man lying on the ground is a really interesting shot. Slightly canted but his reversed orientation makes the image really unsettling.
09:20 – and now the cows… The brother’s description doesn’t help matters and is a perfect example of tell-dont-show horror.
12:00 – …and this kids, is why you never pick up a hitchhiker near a slaughterhouse in rural Texas.

Screenshot 2014-07-24 02.42.00
14:40 – Why stranger, that’s a really nice camera.
15:33 – Don’t have dinner with the inbred, pretty please
16:40 – The longer the music goes in the scene the more unsettled I get. Crap that’s effective
18:40 – Astrology in a horror film just screams that something bad is going to happen
22:40 – contemplating masochism is such lovely conversation
26:30 – A nest of daddy long legs… that’s a pleasant sight
28:45 – Knowing that this is a slasher film… knowing that leatherface is coming… The anticipation is killing me
31:30 – Oh no, another house… and weird trinkets tied to a tree… I’m sufficiently creeped out now…
34:11 – The cinematography is actually stunning in this. The movement and flow of the camera makes this a really inviting experience
35:06 – Double take on that red room… really contrasting art direction that makes those skulls pop

Screenshot 2014-07-24 03.11.55
36:06 – Low angles everywhere. I’m totally scared right now
38:00 – The zooming and panning around the skull and feather room is absolutely chilling. I’m freaking out and can barely type

Screenshot 2014-07-24 03.19.39
41:30 – …okay, a respite. But Franklin is pointing the next guy towards the creek and obviously all of their deaths.
44:00 – The use of natural lighting is astounding. This is easily one of the more graphically beautiful films ever made

Screenshot 2014-07-24 03.24.14
45:00 – The secret to the cinematography is that it mimics human movement, making you wonder if you are in fact seeing the killer stalking, but no, you are the voyeur, it’s actually pretty brilliant
47:21 – Okay, let’s regroup. It’s night time and the brother and sister are the only two left alive at this point. Well, the other girl may be alive in the freezer but I’m not sure that counts

Screenshot 2014-07-24 03.29.01
48:00 – The things they are doing to draw attention to themselves are things a good person would do. And they will suffer for it in the end…
56:00 – continued screaming. Between the amazingly eerie and shocking cinematography and the sound of that Chainsaw, my eyes are glued to the screen and I had to completely pause the film to write this.

Screenshot 2014-07-24 04.00.02
66:13 – So the hitchhiker is the son of the gas station guy and they both know leatherface. Cool
66:27 – OH so they are Leatherface’s family
71:07 – 0.o wait, the grandpa is alive? Holy crap that was creepy

Screenshot 2014-07-24 04.24.28
82:00 she may be laughing, but I would hardly call that a joyous escape. Bleak and horrifying is what that was

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Best Shot

Once she has escaped and our view returns to Leatherface… that is the best shot of this film hands down.

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