The MyntyDee Show

Howdy folks, my friend Dee and I have started a podcast. Currently uploading on Soundcloud and maybe eventually elsewhere but we’re having fun with it for now. This first season of the show is us talking about assholes in art and their masterpieces that conflict us so much. This episode is about Manhattan from Woody Allen.


Happy New Year From the Queermyntcritic

Hello friends. I apologize for dropping off the face of the earth and I’m actually really disappointed because a number of people followed me here during my hiatus. I am sincerely sorry for taking the three months but I really needed it and I thought that the Oscar nominations would be a perfect time to come back.

In less apologetic news I am in the process of putting together the 2014 SpearMynt Awards! This is a pretty arduous process and right now I’m trying to find top 15s in each category and I’m not even done watching all the movies yet. But the schedule that I’m thinking of right now is this (going backwards from the oscars):

February 22 – The Oscars/The SpearMynt Awards (and final announcement of the 2014 Outstanding Motion Picture list)

February 20 – Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role and Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role

February 18 – Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role and Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role

February 16 – Outstanding Direction of a Narrative Motion Picture

February 14 – Outstanding Original Screenplay and Outstanding Adapted Screenplay

February 12 – Outstanding Animated Motion Picture and Outstanding Documentary Motion Picture

February 10 – Outstanding Original Score and Outstanding Original Song

February 8 – Outstanding Sound Design and Outstanding Cinematography and Mise-en-Scene

February 6 – Outstanding Makeup and Hairstyling and Outstanding Production Design and Outstanding Costume Design

February 4 – Outstanding Editing

February 2 – Outstanding Visual Effects

January 31 – Voting on the Cinema Discussions 2014 awards and nominees for Oustanding Guest Role