TRAVESTY – The Emmy Nominations

Congratulations Viola Davis, Taraji P. Henson, and Tatiana Maslany for your nominations for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series at the Emmys this year. Congratulations Andre Braugher, Keegan-Michael Key, and Tituss Burgess for your nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actor In a Comedy Series at the Emmys. Congratulations Joshua Brand and Margot Martindale for being the only two nominations received by The Americans this year at the Emmys.

However, I have one giant message for the Emmys. LEARN TO LET GO. Homeland has barely been watchable for almost two years, Downton Abbey hasn’t been interesting since the end of season 2,  Jeff Daniels in season 3 of The Newsroom was his least interesting performance in years, Nurse Jackie has always been a hack job, House of Cards season 3 while fun was not great television and Game of Thrones  season 5 was an unqualified disaster of pacing and direction.

Let’s be clear about this, they nominated the single most controversial episode of Game of Thrones this season for Best Direction in a drama series. In the direction and writing categories they nominated two episodes from the same show (GoT in Directing, Mad Men in writing). They continue to reward the over acting of Claire Danes over the incredible performance of Keri Russell on The Americans, while also snubbing the break out role of Holly Taylor this season in supporting actor in favor of Emilia Clarke who’s performance this season was her worst in 3 years. Somehow even with 6 nominations in Supporting Actor in a drama series they couldn’t give Jussie Smollett the recognition he deserves. And in Best Drama Series they snub both The Affair’s and Empire’s breakout seasons The Americans ground breaking third season for Downton Abbey, Homeland, and House of Cards

I hate jumping on this “MY FAVOURITES WERE SNUBBED” bandwagon especially when I see the love for some great television that was long overdue (especially in the comedy section). At the same time, the Emmys can’t resist keeping their old favourites around in the drama category even when the shows are long past their prime or specifically undeserving for a bad season (cough cough, Game of Thrones, cough cough).

So again, congratulations to those in the top paragraph. A lot of those nominations are both well-deserved or long over due and I’m glad to see them there.


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