The Cord: Breaking the silence on Students’ Union police check policy

Note: I’m going to be re-publishing and linking to my articles from The Cord here. 

Two years is a long time at Wilfrid Laurier University. Two years ago, a Residence Life don was arrested for stealing from students. Following that arrest, all other dons were forced to submit criminal record checks to the department of residence life. I was a don that year, and while after hiring we had all been told that submitting a criminal record check was mandatory, the one that I got from my home police station in Durham sat in my office desk until February when the department realized they hadn’t been properly covering their ass.

Shortly before those events, a Dear Life ran in The Cord about Foot Patrol. “Dear Life, My assailant is on foot patrol [sic]. Well there goes feeling safe on this campus. Sincerely, Dropping Out.” I was also on Foot Patrol at the time — as I still am — and these two events made the end of the 2014 school year one of the most intense I’ve ever experienced.


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