Three Rolling Stones Records Because YAWWWWNNNN

So I listened to three more Stones records, and it blows my mind that the good folks at Allmusic give all of them 4.5 or 5 stars. 12 X 5The Rolling Stones Now, and Out of Our Heads are some of the most boring records I’ve ever heard in my life. And it’s not necessarily that they are “bad” or anything. They’re just completely undistinct one from the next. Only one of them comes close to that level of quality and that’s because it has “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” on it. That song is such a breath of fresh air on the fourth record in a row of pure rip off blues rock.

Seriously, it’s the only distinguishing factor between the first four Stones albums. I couldn’t tell you the name of any song on any of the albums except that one because they all bleed together.

So here you go, the first better than okay Rolling Stones record.


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